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Our Story

SOLEDI is a company specializing in the sale of home storage, home decoration and other products. Customer first, service first, sourcing ethically manufactured eco-friendly products is our long-term tenet, we will do our best to create the best use for your Experience.

Our Vision & Mission

The SOLEDI brand was founded in 2015. "sole" means the sun in Italian, symbolizing light, warmth, hope and eternity. This is the mission of our brand, to bring comfort and warmth to every family around the world.

Bringing comfort, warmth and peace of mind to every family is the brand mission of SOLEDI. Since 2015, SOLEDI products have served thousands of families. Customer first and service first are our purpose. Nowadays, SOLEDI is not just a shop selling household products, but a caring housekeeper that improves the happiness of life, makes life more convenient, and makes the family members more comfortable. We have never stopped our pace to improve the happiness of every family.

At, please enjoy a better life with more choices and best price !



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